Selling Your House Without An Agent in Florida

Selling Your House Without An Agent in Florida

Selling a house in Florida is not an easy task. If you want to sell your house fast in Florida, the first option that comes in mind is selling through a real estate agent, though there are some other options to sell your house, e.g. selling through cash home buyers and FSBO. In this article we will discuss how to sell your house without a real estate agent in Florida.

Saving Money

As everyone knows, real estate agents work as the middleman between homeowner and buyer. They charge a commission for selling your house in Florida because they need to do a lot of things to attract buyers and convince buyers to buy your property. Usually a real estate agent charges a 6% commission; suppose your property selling price is $500000 then you have to pay $30000 to the agent as commission. When you deal with an agent, he/she will ask you to repair your house and do some upgrades to attract potential buyers. So it will cost you a lot of money before going to sell your house.

Don’t worry, you can skip the above expenses if you sell your house to a local cash buyers’ organization like Green Mountain Real Estate Group LLC. We buy any property as-is, so you don’t need to repair your house before selling it and you don’t need to pay commission, fees, and closing cost. If you want to learn “How to sell my house fast in Florida”, visit our “how it works” page.


You can save up to 3% commission ($15,000 in this case), by selling the property on your own, without an agent. This is ideal if you feel that you are more qualified to negotiate the transaction yourself, as opposed to hiring someone to sell the home on your behalf. At the same time if you have a buyer without representation you can avoid paying commission altogether.

If you prefer to not do the negotiating by yourself, but want to save on the agent commission, you can sell your house directly to a cash investor in Florida. They will not take any fees, commissions or closing costs, and usually close within 30 days, instead of a couple months.

Keeping Things Personal

Keep things personal, if your transaction is among well-known parties like your family members, close friends, or even business partners, often both sides can work out a great deal, an agent is not needed here because both parties know each other. Of course, in this type of situation, there must needs to be a lot of trust among all parties involved.

If you’ve exhausted all of these options and still want to sell your house without an agent in Florida, just send us a message to get started. We will evaluate your property information and send you a no-obligation cash offer within 48 hours.

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