How to Sell Your House Fast in Florida: Top tips you need to know…

The cost of marketing is one of the main hurdles when it comes to selling a home, not to mention preparing for your house opening, getting ready for photographs, and finally showing it to the public the whole experience can be daunting.

If your house isn’t brand-new or recently built, you might need to do some pricey home renovations you’ve been delaying or spend a lot of money when it comes time for negotiations. Regardless of whether you’re listing your home with an agent, you’ll still have to undergo the same tiresome steps to list it on the Florida market.

Nevertheless, there is another way to sell your home without waiting or needing to pay the upfront costs that reduce overall profits. As a bonus, there will be no showings; better yet, there is no need to stress about keeping the space clean. 

Does this resonate with your current predicament? Continue reading to explore how to sell your house for cash in Florida at absolutely zero cost.


The expensive commissions are the first concern when considering hiring an agent; many people consider doing it themselves to save money. However, this is poor reasoning. Any savings listing a property on your own are offset by the approximately 26% lower sales price of FSBOs compared to listings done with a Realtor on the MLS. Not only this, even with a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) listing, you will likely need to pay 3% to the buyer’s Realtor if they decide to work with someone.

Want to sell your home in Florida with all the advantages of dealing with an expert without paying commissions? There are no commissions or unexpected costs when you sell your house directly to a reputable local home buyer like Green Mountain Real estate group LLC. When you sell directly to Green Mountain Real estate group LLC, our proposal is for the exact amount of money you’ll get at closing.

Cleaning and Repair

At the very least, preparing your house on the market essentially offers it a brand-new look and makes some improvements to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Whenever obvious repairs need to be made, you’ll need to make them to sell the home for the best possible profit.

Staging the house can boost the sale and increase the ultimate valuation, making spending the extra time and money worthwhile. It has now become a standard part of the listing process.

However, if this all seems to much for you to tackle, you should consider selling directly to a reputable home buyer like usif you’re in a rush to sell your house fast and guarantee it closes. You can list sell your home without fees as we buy houses in as-is condition.


When you list your home in the Florida market, much like an expensive game of hurry up and wait, after you have rushed through the prep and repairs, it’s time to sit back and hope a qualified buyer comes to the door. Unfortunately, this can be a stress-filled arrangement as the monthly bills continue to roll in and more repairs loom, along with carrying costs and risks of downward market price movement.

When you sell directly to a professional home buyer like us at Green Mountain Real Estate Group LLC, you can sell your house without any holding costs in Florida and will have a guaranteed closing date typically within 30 days.


Professional buyers often request or urge sellers to pay part or all of their closing costs. Also, 2 to 4 percent in fees and taxes may become the seller’s responsibility. If you choose to sell your house without any costs in Florida, then reach out to us. 

All about Green Mountains Real Estate Group, LLC

Want to sell the house quickly in Florida with zero hidden fees? You will need to work with a professional to handle the paperwork and make the process easy. Selling directly to a professional home buyer like us saves you time and money. There’s never any pressure to sell; we take the time to ensure you understand the process and our offer entirely. We go so far as to have some sellers retain residency in their home post-sale (up to 6 months) until they have found a new home and can move comfortably.

We outline all this with complete transparency face-to-face. We work off referrals and recommendations. We’re your neighbors, a member of your community, and we live and work here in Florida with you, and we want you to feel good about working with us long after you’ve left the closing table.

We are proud of our work and passionate about helping sellers like you solve problems; whether you’re under a time crunch or financial pressure or want the convenience of a direct sale, we can help. 

Contact us at (754) 223-1065 or visit to sell my house fast in Florida.

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